Scope of work on substations:

        Site preparation/excavating
        Concrete- caisssons, flat work, containment pits
        Final Grading
        Removal of old foundations

      Gage Valley Substation- St Paul, NE
      Valentine West substation- Valentine, NE
      Canaday substation, Lexington, NE
      CNS nuclear substation Brownsville, NE
      Stanton substation,Ne
      Corral substation, Wauneta, NE
      Elkhorn Ridge Wind Farm-Bloomfield, NE
      NPPD- Sutton substation- Sutton , NE
      NPPD- Hastings substation, Hastings, NE
      NPPD- Bloomfield & Madison, NE
      Steele City substation, Steele City, NE

      Daniels Park Substation- Castlerock, CO
      Schramm Substation-Yuma Co
      Iliff Substation, Iliff, CO
      Algona substation, Algona, IA
      Orange City Substation-Orange City, IA
      Pine Ridge Substation-NPPD-Pine Ridge, SD
      Torrington DOC Substation-Torrington, WY
      City of Coffeyville, Coffeyville, KS


      Thomas County Airport, Thedford, Ne
      St Francis Indian School, St Francis, SD

Retaining walls:

      Gothenburg Track & Field, Gothenburg, NE
      Masonic Temple Fellowship Hall,North Platte NE
      Chadron Community Hospital, Chadron, NE


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